Technology Incubation Centre

No Wahala,

those were the first words I got to know in Nigeria and probably the most important during the whole trip.

No Wahala means something like “No Panic”, “Don’t worry” or maybe most suiting “Everything’s going to be good”

Those who ever left a plane at Lagos International Airport know how important the two words are to enjoy Life in Nigeria and in general.

I had spent most of my life, living in Germany and was used to an environment where everything is planned and organized excessively.

I always considered myself a person who knows how to handle chaos, simply because I had survived for 25 years even though I am a very chaotic person.

During my internship With IAESTE in 2011 I worked at the Technology Incubation Center Benin-City.

The Concept of Incubation Centers is adopted all over the world. It focuses on the start-up and support of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Those Centers enable their resident entrepreneurs to grow their business in a protected environment.

Working space and internal mentoring by professional Consultants are provided to entrepreneurs for free. The Mentors help to find solutions within Technical Issues, Accounting and Marketing. Additional services like the use of a small laboratory and access to the Internet are available at moderate prices.

The Technology Incubation Center Benin was established in 1999 and currently there are 10 Entrepreneurs growing their business in the TIC Benin.

  • During three years of prospering within the Center, the businesses grow to a stadium in which they can continue their development outside the “Comfort Zone” of the Incubation Center.
  • Every year a generation of entrepreneurs, which is ready to move out of the Center, celebrates their graduation with a festivity.
  • After the incubation-period of a company the working-space is provided to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

During my internship and the time I spent with my guest-family, there were several exceptional highlights. I was invited to a traditional wedding and visited at a rubber plantation research center. Those are only two examples for many exceptional things I experienced.

I was able to get to know the land, its people and their culture in a way you never would during a holiday.

All in all I would not want to have missed this internship for anything.

I met great friends, found out a lot about myself and gained a lot of experience, professional as well as personal.

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